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    If the world is unjust, why do I have feeling compassion and care?

    If the world is unjust and we are only here for a short time being, and our only concern is to survive, why do I have feelings for others that I do not know? Why do I feel pain for people and want to help when they are in the time of need?

    Humans are just another form of animals and animals have no such thing a moral or ethics, which is man made. So is this the human condition, the feeling of compassion for others, or is this just a social condition that was society programming for the greater good of mankind? Real question so PLEASE preach your bible somewhere else.
    lnuk. Where have I contracted myself? Anyways, It feels good to be self-righteous don't it? Dumba$$ You miss my whole point.
    Moonshot. Very true. So compassion is in fact caused our ancestors’ precondition for the sense of survival, hence it is cause in part by nature and by nurture, right?

    As is already dawning upon your awareness, your feelings of compassion assert themselves despite what you see in the world around you, among your peers. You may find a few people who feel the way you do, but I suspect that most people don't, or they say they don't, or at least they've managed to push any pressing concerns about others out of their consciousness.

    In some ways humans operate like animals, but in many ways they do not. The fact that humans are self-reflective and moral is quite different from animals, for instance. So where does this come from? The mere fact that you ask these questions is different from animals.

    It's my opinion, that if you want to maintain any delicacy of emotion, in order to not become callous and unsympathetic, you will have to admit that Something sustains the world beyond what we "objectively" observe in the sciences, and what really sustains us in the world is not our technology, but the same things that sustained all peoples and animals throughout all time. And we are sustained despite the fact that many people are quite evil, self-centered, and clearly destructive. (It's for this reason that I don't think you can say with conviction that "society" programs us to serve the greater good. Quite the opposite, as it seems that society usually tells us to serve ourselves, and to justify our own wishes as somehow being beneficial for the polity as well).

    You said you didn't want Bible preaching, so I won't give it to you. Yet quite unexpectedly and late in my life, I did discover that the life of Christ (it's in the Bible) answered my questions, which were similar to yours, more adequately than anything else ever did, and I spent most of my adult life studying and practicing charity.

    You could begin praying, asking for the truth, asking to not be deceived: What is this force that sustains and guides the world, and encourages you to maintain a posture of compassion, despite the attitudes of others that contradict your values?

    Whatever you do, remain humble and please don't fall for the fallacious answer that what you seek is somehow something "in" you, or part of you. It is not. You did not create this universe, your part in it is very tiny and brief, and you know that you are very fallible and your peers are equally so.

    What is the most unjust example of 'affirmative action' that you have witnessed or experienced?

    I know I have witnessed various unjust examples of 'affirmative action ' and 'pollitical correctness'. Such as a woman being given a job before a man who was far more qualified. Do you have any examples?

    I once acted in a job for about 15 – the job was a grade above my normal level. At end of the performance rating period, I was rated as an exceptional performer with no negative areas or areas for improvement.

    The job was posted for permanent placement. I applied along with several other candidates. Before the official announcement of a selection, I was told by the selecting official that I was not selected because they needed a woman to balance out the mix.

    A woman was selected and trained her for six months – she lasted all of nine months.

    This is my tale of woe…..

    How to form a support group for sympathizers of a man who was wrongfully convicted of a crime he didn't commit

    How to form a support group for sympathizers of a man who was wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not even commit? How does one start a group of this kind? What are the procedures? What are the first steps to take?

    make fliers and press statements or better to have a press conference to inform the people and arouse their interest on this matter.

    Looking for young man whose brother was wrongfully convicted ? How do I find him or question?

    A young man just in the last few hours posted a question about the judicial system and his brother has been wrongfully convicted. I looked for the question but can't find it. I have info. that might be able to help him. Does anyone know what category it was under?
    Hey, thanks HorB for your answer. I did find him on my own by going back 8 pages or so but, I do appreciate your taking the time to help me.


    Does anyone know the name of a book about a teenage boy falsely accused of murdering his sister??

    The boy and his sister are orphaned and he leaves his sister in an abandoned theater to find food. When he comes back she won't respond and he feels his way through the dark to find her. He discovers her body covered in blood, she's been murdered. He is falsely accused by the police of murdering her and ends up having to live with a really nice police officer who believes that he's innocent. The officer's wife won't let the boy stay long so he is moved to another police officer's home who thinks he's guilty. The book was really good, I read it when i was younger and can't think of the name of it. If anyone knows please let me know also! Thanks!

    I think that it might be "The truth trap" by Frances A Miller.

    See the reviews on Amazon:


    Also the first chapter of the book is on this website:


    I have been falsely accused of touching a woman's daughter. Can I sue her for false accusations?

    I worked at a preschool this past summer teaching kids ages 6 and under how to swim. A woman has falsely accused me of touching her daughter which is impossible because the teachers and my boss were always around watching. I really want to sue her for false accusations because she could ruin my life with these false accusations.

    Of course you can sue for slanderous comments she has made. Whether you can win a lawsuit is a question best asked when you consult your attorney.

    You would NEVER sue under these circumstances without an attorney, because pro se plaintiffs so rarely win.

    Ask your attorney for advice about your options.

    Can a US president nominate a Chief Justice to replace an active Chief Justice when a vacancy opens?

    Example: Could he nominate Sotomayor as chief justice and demote Roberts to a regular supreme court member?
    Ahh so the Congress can't diminish Chief Justice Roberts. The Chief Justice is paid more than the other Justices.

    No. The justices on the Supreme Court do not report to the President. The President only appoints them (with approval from Congress). Once they are seated, they are there for as long as they want, until they die, or until impeached.

    Bush appointed Roberts to replace O'Connor when she announced her retirement, but before the confirmation hearing were done, the Chief Justice (Rehnquist) died, and Bush nominated Roberts as his replacement, then nominated Alito to replace O'Connor.

    *EDIT* – Congress can't even just fire him for no reason. They can, however, impeach him if he does something illegal. The process is the same as if they would impeach the President, except no Supreme Court justice oversees the trial. It takes a simple majority in the House to impeach, and a super majority in the Senate to remove him.

    It's all part of the checks and balances. Three separate branches of government, with no one branch overseeing either of the other two. And each branch has responsibilities that prevent any of the other two from gaining too much power.

    what should society do to prevent innocent people from being accused and presumed guilty in the future?

    Many innocent people are being accused of crimes/sins they did not commit. They stay in the jail for years and they are innocent people, so how can society prevent these people from being accused if they are not guilty?

    To prevent them from being accused? There is next to nothing. I mean it would be great if eyewitness accounts were perfect. It would be great if we could get DNA evidence or perfect fingerprints every time and everyone’s DNA and fingerprints were in a National Database(and I DON’T support that being done, I believe in a right to privacy if you have yet to do anything to get them put in that database). To help end the assumption of guilt I DO have an idea that would help. Let’s stop broadcasting that the person has been accused of a crime. Let’s start worrying publishing the name AFTER the person is found guilty.

    Is it ok to disobey unjust laws for moral reasons?

    Do you feel it is ok to disobey a law you think is unjust, for moral or ethical reasons? Please give examples.

    Whether or not you feel a law is unjust or not is NOT an excuse to ignore it.

    Should a cop enforce a law that he beleives to be unjust?

    Let’s say it’s a model police officer who beleives in all the laws and enforces all the laws, except one. He knows a cancer sufferer who uses marijuana for pain releif, and the officer’s conscience won’t let him arrest him. Should this good cop quit his job or enforce a law that he feels is very unjust or just ignore that unjust law and leave the cancer sufferer alone and continue his police work in other areas? What would you do if you were a cop in this situation?

    A policeman’s job is to enforce the law.
    The system allows them to overstep their boundaries. I know this for a fact because it happened to me. They administered justice on me when they pressured my landlord into evicting me. This eviction (f/ my business rental) cost me several thousand dollars when I was forced to sell my inventory at firesale prices because I couldn’t afford to keep it in storage.
    This being said, I feel safe to assume many decisions an officer makes are left to his/her better judgment and the system stands behind he or she.
    When an officer is put in a position that he sees a violation that could cost a lot of money to process, but the offense is a victimless crime, I think he/she should issue a warning by reminding the offender of the law violation (using your hypothetical suggestion as example).
    The police dept. polices itself (if you can even consider this policing) They have an inordinate amount of flexibility when it comes to the decisions they make. A good cop will know when the offense isn’t harming anyone. It gets dicey when it is questionable whether or not the offender is harming themselves.
    Personally, I’d like to see the removal of laws that involve people harming themselves.
    These people have a disease (drug and alcohol addiction for example) and should be treated accordingly … not w/ due process of law but w/ doctors and institutions (exclude incarceration).

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